Editor - behaviour

Scroll past EOL and EOF

Allow you place cursor after end of line. Any characters you type after you place your cursor after end of line will be preceded with space characters.

Trim Trailing Spaces

When selected trailing spaces will be automatically trimmed from end of line.

ALT sets Column Mode

When checked, if you select text whilst holding down the ALT key then the system will use the column selection method otherwise the normal selection method is used.

RightClick Doesn't Move Cursor

After a right mouse button click the cursor is usually set to the place you clicked .You can disable this by checking this option.

Middle mouse - Clip List

When checked, after a middle mouse button click Clip list is displayed (if available).

Auto Indent Mode

When checked, this option will cause the cursor to start the new line with a left indent equivalent to that of the previous line. Otherwise each line will start at the left margin.

Extended HOME key

The Home key moves the cursor to a point immediately before the first non-whitespace character on the line. Pressing Home a second time moves the cursor to the left margin.

Extended END key

The End key moves the cursor to a point immediately after the last non-whitespace character on the line. Pressing End a second time moves the cursor to the last character on the line. This has no effect when Trim Trailing Spaces is enable.

Extended Cut and Copy

When checked, if no text is selected the Cut and Copy functions will operate on the entire line.

Whole Words Only (Shift+Ctrl+Up/Down)

This option sets the mode for searching next / previous occurrence of current word. When checked this option will search for the previous/next occurrence of the highlighted text as a whole word. When unchecked the option will also find the highlighted text as substrings. When no text is selected, then whatever word the cursor is touching is highlighted as a whole word, regardless of this setting.

Highlight Matching Brackets

When checked matching brackets are automatically highlighted if cursor is next to bracket. Color of highlight can be set in: Program Settings > Colors > Brackets. (See Colors)

Completion of chars ( { [ < " '

After writing opening character the program will automatically write closing, matching character. Brackets are completed when the character immediately after the opening bracket isn't word. Quotes are not completed if there is an alphanumeric character immediately before or after the quote. Note: This does not work during macro recording!

Smart chars completion

Doesn't complete char if already exists

Wrap (soft) with Right Edge

When Word Wrap is on and this option is checked text will be wrapped at right edge mark, not window width. You may change the Right Edge at any time by clicking on the Ruler to dynamically resize the wrap. This is a soft wrap and does not change line length. When not checked, Word Wrap wraps text to the window and changes as you resize the window.

Add Cr+Lf to EOF

Insure 1 blank line at end of file