Special Conversion

Convert Tabs to Spaces Add Accent Marks Remove Accent from chars Base64 -> ANSI Quoted Printable -> ANSI URL -> ANSI ANSI -> Base64 ANSI -> Quoted Printable ANSI -> URL Hexadecimal -> Decimal Decimal -> Hexadecimal

Decimal -> Hexadecimal

Convert selected text from decimal and hexadecimal. The functions will only work if the selected text contains a valid string in the source base. That is, trying to convert the string "99" from decimal to hex will work (63) but trying to convert the string "cat" won't. Similarly the string "ACE" would convert from hex to decimal (2766) but "AXE" will not. The function will only work on one "word" at a time so the string "112 113 114" would have to be converted in 3 parts.

Hexadecimal -> Decimal

Convert selected text from decimal and hexadecimal.


Convert selected text to encode/decode characters that are not normally allowed in URLs to a form that is acceptable. For example SPACE is converted to %20. If no text is highlighted then these functions will operate on the entire file. Note: encoding multi line files will cause the system to include the string %0D%0A to represent each line break. Further information about the format of URLs can be found here.

ANSI -> Quoted Printable

This functions operate very much line the ANSI->URL functions above but the encoding style is different. For example SPACE is not converted and line break is encoded as =0D=0A. There are a number of internet sites with more information on this subject. Try google to find out more.

ANSI -> Base64

Encoded selected text with base64. Base64-encoded data takes about 33% more space than the original data.


Decodes any %## encoding in selected text.

Quoted Printable -> ANSI

This functions operate very much line the URL->ANSI functions above but the decoding style is different.

Base64 -> ANSI

Decodes Base64-encoded selected text.

Remove Accent from chars

Converts accented characters to their non-accented equivalents.

Add Accent Marks

This option is primarily for use by those dictionaries with accented words. If you highlight a word that has been entered without any accented characters but does have them in the dictionary selecting this option will change the word accordingly.

Convert Tabs to Spaces

Converts tab characters (09h) to spaces. The number of spaces is set by the "Tab Width". See Editor - settings.