Settings Menu

Spell Settings... User Variables... Clips Hotkeys Edit Clip Definition File Save main window position User Highlighter... Highlighters Settings... Program Settings... Program Settings...

Opens dialog box where you can customize PSPad editor (see Program - look).

Highlighters Settings...

In this dialog box you can customize colors for individual environment, assign external files, compilers, ... (See Syntax highlight)

User Highlighter...

Shows dialog box where you can easy define your own highlighter (see User highlighters).

Save main window position

Saves the current windows position to unsure next application intense will equal the current position (see Program - behaviour).

Edit Clip Definition File

Shows a list of possible clips. After you choose, the clip file is opened for editing.

Clips Hotkeys

For each clip you can assign a shortcut for quick access. This lists the existing shortcuts for the active clip definition file. Only enabled if at least one shortcut exist.

User Variables...

List of static variables for use in clips. You can use predefined or add/edit/delete new variables.

Spell Settings... (Ctrl+F7)

Options for spell check and auto correction (see Spell check options).