Program - behaviour

ESC to Exit Program

When checked, pressing the ESC key will cause the program to Close. Note: If there is no active file then Esc will always close the program.

Show Splash Screen

When checked, the splash screen shows during program start.

Force restore to primary display

After start PSPad will be restored on first screen

Autosave main window position

Ident.bytes in UTF-8 coding

Files with UNICODE or UTF-8 coding has special leading bytes for format identification. For some programs are these bytes are redundant (PHP, Java). You can turn off writing of leading bytes.

R/O mode changes file attribute

When checked, switching R/O mode in PSPad has changes the file read-only attribute. Ordinarily, when PSPad opens a file in R/O mode, it is only Read Only in the editor, and the file attribute is left unchanged.

Czech ANSI <--> OEM Conversion

Provided internal code page conversion instead of system functions. Note: Only has meaning for Czech countries.

Follow compilation progress in LOG (slower)

Cursor placement after LOG is displayed.

Split Horizontal for Synchronize

When checked the synchronized moving is done with vertically tiled windows (i.e. There is a horizontal split).
Note: When windows are synchronized, you see a chain link icon in the status bar. Click on it to "Unsychronize" the windows or simply give the Synchronize command again to toggle it off.

Color Syntax Print

When checked, printed output is syntax highlighted as it is on the screen.

Note: [•] is a gray check in Win9x.