Spell check

PSPad allows you spell check your document. Spell check is independent of installation MS Office and other packages. Dictionaries are ready for download from PSPad pages.

How it works?

With first use, dictionary is loaded. It can take several seconds, so be patient. Then text is checked and unknown words are marked. Unknown words you add to dictionary are added into user dictionary. For spell check settings and dictionary selection see Spell check options.

Spell check works in two modes

Mark unknown words

After activation unknown words are underlined. It's used for quick orientation.

Spell check with word correction

Starting from cursor position, text is processed. Unknown words are displayed in a dialog. You may get a list of suggested spellings. You can choose from these actions:

  • skip
  • always skip
  • add to dictionary
  • change
  • change and add to dictionary

Add diacritic (accent marks)

Text is processed and into words are added diacritical signs. Only for Czech and Slovak users.