HTML Page Preview   
Show / Hide preview of HTML page in internal browser. If preview window stays open in background, it will be refreshed at intervals specified in program settings / editor / Auto Refresh [s].  
You can use Mozilla in internal browser too. all whar tou need is download (for free) and install Mozilla ActiveX control. Then you can switch in internal browser between IE and Mozilla with first button.  
HTML Preview from HTDocs (web server)   Shift+Ctrl+F10
Can be used to preview your page through your web server. Path to server directory is specified in program settings / internet. Part of file path is replaced by http://server/  
Default settings for Apache server is C:\Apache\HTDocs. If you call normal HTML preview (F10), the file is displayed in the internal browser.  
file://localhost/c:/apache/htdocs/soubor.htm. If you use webserver preview, file is displayed in the internal browser http://localhost/soubor.htm.  

htmlreformat Reformat HTML code

Reformats HTML code for pretty print. Scripts, comments and special tags (pre, ...) are not changed.  
htmlcompres Compress HTML code
From HTML code redundant spaces, line breaks, ... are removed. Line breaks are inserted approximately after 200 chars.  
Result is smallest and worse code for reading. Makes it hard to steal your HTML.  
tagupper Tags to upper case
taglower Tags to lower case
Change char case of HTML tags (Lower case tags are standard in XHTML)  

Reformat Structured CSS code
Reformats Cascaded Style Sheets to pretty print form  
Reformat Inline CSS code
Reformats Cascaded Style Sheets to pretty print form  
Top Style

TopStyle (free version TopStyleLite) is a great CSS editor, integrated in many of known HTML editors, and now in PSPad too. To work with TopStyle, you must download and install free version. What you select is transferred to TopStyle for editing. After you press Done button, it is tansferred back to the editor.  


html2txt Remove Tags  
This tool remove tags and shows text content in new file.  
Text to HTML  
Cover text with HTML tags to make it capable display in HTML browsers  
Selection to JavaScript  
Selected text is changed to JavaScript function Document.Write()  

Import from RTF
Simple RTF document is converted into HTML code. I suggest run function TiDy clean document after, to reformat and upgrade to CSS  
Import from CSV
Import from Comma Separated Value file, as can be exported from spreadsheets and databases.  

Check HTML Code
Only check HTML code (without changes). Errors and warning are displayed in LOG window at bottom.  

TiDy functions

These functions come from TidyCFG.INI file. Every section in this file is one item in the menu. You can modify it, add to or remove sections, ..  
More about syntax in TiDy chapter.