Program - look

File Tabs - Panel on Top

File panel position top / bottom

File Tabs - allow Multiline Tabs

When checked the file tabs may occupy several rows in the File Panel.

File Tabs - don't show file extensions

When checked the file names will be shown without file name extensions on file panel.

File Tab caption format

Set format of file tab numbers. If you don't want to have numbered (%n%) file tabs, set format to %name%. Use %d:nn (nn = number of chars) to limit number of characters on each file tab. i.e. %n%) %name% %d:16

Tool button icon set

Set the current icon set. Icon set are in the folder .\PSPad\Skin.

System icons in File explorer

Uses the system icon in the file explorer.

Show Icons in Menu

When checked the relevant icons will appear next to options in various menus throughout the system. When uncheck only the text of the menu items will be shown.

Auto hide Left Gutter

When set the left margin gutter will be hidden when line numbering is switched off.

Projects - File Name include Path

When set the file path will be displayed as the tool tip for the project in the project tree. Otherwise, only the project name is used.

Project - Auto Sort Files alphabetically

When checked, if a new file added into then Project the files in Project tree will be sorted.

Code clips - sorted Interactive Clip Vars

By default all fields in interactive clips are unsorted and displayed in the order written. In special cases, you need show fields in interactive clips in an order other than written in the clip. So you can use this option and give variables fitting names: %1edit%, %2edit%, ... This causes them to sort as you desire.

Note: [•] is a gray check in Win9x.