Project Toolbar

For more information on projects see Working With Projects and Project Menu.  
projectmenuswitchtoolbar   Show/Hide Tool Panel (Ctrl+F2)  
This toggles the toobar panel off and on. Use this, along with Tool Panel on the View Menu, to give you more editor screen space.  
projectmenunew   New Project  
Create a new project with an option to close an existing one. For further details see Project Menu.  
projectmenuopen   Open Project (Ctrl+Shift+P)  
Open an existing project. Clicking on the arrow presents a menu with options to open a project or create a project from a folder. In addition, the menu will include a list of most recently accessed project files. For further details see Project Menu.  
projectmenusave   Save Project  
Save the current project. For further details see Project Menu.  
projectmenuswitchlog   Show/Hide LOG panel  
This toggles the LOG panel on and off.