Date Dialog

Selecting a date format  
You can simply double-click on one of the formats shown in the list and have the current date/time inserted in to your file in that format. Alternatively you can highlight an entry in the list and press ENTER or click on the OK button.  
To add a format of your own to the list enter a format picture in the text box at the bottom of the dialog box and press the Add button. The format picture is made up of the following values:  
d, ddThe day of the month without/with a leading zero.  
dddThe 3-letter abbreviated day name.  
ddddThe full day name.  
dddddThe date in the Windows 'Short Date' format.  
ddddddThe date in the Windows 'Long Date' format.  
m, mmThe month number without/with a leading zero.  
mmmThe 3-letter abbreviated month name.  
mmmmThe full month name.  
yy, yyyThe year without/with the century.  
cDisplays the date according the Windows 'Short Date' format followed by the time in the Windows 'Long Time' format.  
h, hhHours past midnight without/with a leading zero.  
n,nnMinutes past the hour without/with a leading zero.  
s, ssSeconds past the minute without/with a leading zero.  
tDisplays the time according to the Windows 'Short Time' format.  
ttDisplays the time according to the Windows 'Long Time' format.  
am/pmWhen used after a time format will display the 'h' component in 12-hour clock format and show 'am' for hours before noon and 'pm' for hours after noon. AM/PM can be used instead to force the display to upper case.  
Note: The Windows 'Long Date', 'Short Date', 'Long Time' and 'Short Time' formats are set in the Windows Control panel.  
There is also a 'special' format: RFC. This format enters the date/time in to the file with the following format:  
ddd, d mmmm yyyy hh:nn:ss z  
Where 'z' is the timezone. Note that the format value 'z' above is not enterable in user formats.  
To include a literal string include it in single or double quotes. So, for example to Alt+D insert something like:  
Last Updated on 2004-01-14 17:00  
You would enter a date format like this:  
'Last Updated on' yyyy-mm-dd t  
To replace an existing format, click one on it, change the format picture and press the Replace button.  
To delete a format, click one on the item to be deleted and press the Delete button.