Script User's Guide

PSPad from 4.3.3 version supports active scripting (users can add functionality with simple scripts) via MS Windows Scripting host (WSH). PSPad script functions and examples may be found here. Scripts are compiled once PSPad opens. Scripts are executed and/or recompiled with the use of the Script menu or via an assigned keyboard shortcut.

WSH must be installed, enabled, and Integrated scripting support (WSH) must be enabled if you want use scripting in PSPad. (See System integration)

WSH supports not only VBScript and JavaScript (default) but also additional languages.

Scripts are organised in subdirectories coresponding to language.
Do not put non-script files into this directories!!! Do so may result in script compile error.

You can build script libraries and use functions from other modules. Access to function in other modules required a prefix of the module name separted by a period (.).
i.e. modeuleName.function(index)

New Context menu handler

  1. Disable Program settings / System / [x]Integrate with Right mouse click
  2. Start PSPadShell_reg.bat from this package - it will register new PSPad context menu handler.

Run PSPadShell_unreg.bat to unregister it.


  1. You have to be a system admin to register DLL.
  2. Context menu items selection isn't implemented yet.