PSPad is able to highlight scripts (VBScript, JavaScript, PHP, TCL/Tk) and some other types (CSS, XML for example) inside HTML code. This is done using a special highlighter called the HTML Multi-Highlighter. Uses the settings on this page to determine how it works.  
HTML MultiHighlighter  
Enable Multi-Highlighter  
When checked this option enables the multi-highlighter. This means that the  
For <%...%> use  
This option allows you to set the language type (and hence the highlighting) that is used between the <% %> usually associated with inline code on ASP pages.  

MultiHighlighter Base  
This allows you to choose either HTML or XHTML as the basis for the multihighlighter.  
Open in Multi-Highlighter  
Each file type checked here will open in the HTML Mulit Highlighter rather than it's own. Choose from PHP, JavaScript, VBScript, TCL/TK, XML or CSS.  
Multi-Highlighter Section  
Section Colour same as Highlighter  
When checked, section tags (<style>, <script>, etc) are the same colour as the highlighter that is used to set there contents, otherwise the font and background colours are as set below.  

Font Colour / Background  
These will be used for highlighting begin and end part of sections in Multi-Highlighter (scripts, CSS, ...)