System integration

Open TXT files

When checked this sets the association for .TXT files to PSPad. otherwise .TXT files are associated with notepad. Note: If Windows notepad.exe is replaced with the version of notepad.exe supplied with PSPad then this option is, effectively, ignored.

Register in System context menu

When Checked you can open any file in PSPad or PSPad HEX editor by clicking right mouse button on it and selecting corresponding item in context menu.

New Context menu handler
  1. Disable this setting.
  2. Start PSPadShell_reg.bat from this PSPad folder. It will register new PSPad context menu handler. Run PSPadShell_unreg.bat to remove Context menu handler.

  1. You have to be a system admin to register DLL.
  2. Context menu items selection isn't implemented yet.

Link on the DeskTop

Adds or removes desktop shortcut for PSPad editor.

Link in the START menu

Adds or removes Start menu shortcut for PSPad editor.

Link in Send To menu

Adds or removes Send To item for PSPad editor in Windows Explorer context menus.

HTML Viewer in IE 5+

When checked, sets PSPad as default HTML viewer for MS Internet Explorer.

HTML Editor for IE

When checked, sets PSPad as default HTML editor for MS Internet Explorer.

HTML Viewer in OPERA

When checked, sets PSPad as default HTML editor for Opera. Note: If OPERA browser is running, this option is disabled!

Editor for Total Commander

Sets PSPad as default editor for Total Commander. Note: TotalCommander is running, this option is disabled! You must have TotalCommander shareware installed for this option to function.

Integrated scripting support (WSH)

Enable/Disable PSPad scripting support. (See Script User's Guide)

Multi User Environment

PSPad is able to work in multiuser environment such as Windows NT, Win2k, WinXP,etc. In this environment normal users may not be able to write or create files in "Program Files" directory. If this option checked, config and other user dependant files are stored in user profile directory.

Minimize to Tray Icon on Exit

Program is minimized to tray on exit. Start from tray is near immediate. You can control it over icon in tray. This behavior will change in next version.

Only One Program Instance

Allows you open either one or several instances of PSPad. When enabled, any new files sent to PSPad will be opened in the currently running instance, in a new file tab.