What is TiDy ?  
TiDy is library for checking, formatting, cleaning HTML code. This library is found in all the better editors that work with HTML code. TiDy is fully integrated into PSPad. All you need is file TiDyCom.DLL in the same directory as PSPad.EXE. With the configuration file TiDyCFG.INI, you can modify the menu for TiDy in PSPad. Each section in this file is one item in PSPad Menu (dynamically created).  

You need to restart PSPad after you add or delete section in TiDy config file. TiDy syntax you can find at TiDy quick reference pages  

Check HTML Code (Ctrl+F10)  
Checks and analyzes HTML code and displays errors in LOG window  

TiDy clean document  
Cleans and corrects HTML code, include removing parts from MS tools  
TiDy upgrade to CSS  
Upgrades HTML to CSS  
TiDy convert to XML  
Converts HTML document to XML  
TiDy convert to XHTML  
Converts HTML document to XHTML