PSPad uses user highlighter settings. In menu Tools / Highlighter Settings, you have several tabs where you can set colors and font attributes, file filters, external applications and compiler, even a LOG code parser.

Complex color palette

You can read and save complex PSPad color palettes and simply change the look of whole program.

  • reading - choose some palette from combo box and press Load button
  • saving - write palette name and press Save button

HTML Multi-Highlighter

This highlighter is used for complex highlighting of another code inside HTML code, such as PHP or JavaScript.
Base highlighting comes from HTML highlighter.

Parts of code detection
  • <script> </script> JavaScript
  • <script...javascript...> </script> JavaScript
  • <% %> VisualBasic script
  • <script...vbscript...> </script> VisualBasic Script
  • <script...tcl...> </script> TCL/TK
  • <? ?> PHP
  • <script...php...> </script> PHP
  • <style...> </style> CSS