Working with Color

Simply way to change whole PSPad colors scheme

  1. Basic color settings

    Set basic colors in Settings menu > Program settings > Colors (see Colors). These colors are applied to all highlighters with these rules:

    • If previous font color is same as color of highlighter attributes, attribute color is changed to new color.
    • If previous background color is same as highlighter attribute colors, attributes background is changed to new color.
    • If highlighter attribute font color is same as new background color, attribute font color is changed to new font color.
  2. Fine-tune highlighter colors

    You may fine-tune each highlighter attributes color and font styles in Settings menu > Highlighter Settings > Colors.

  3. Save color scheme

    You may save a highlighter color scheme (see Syntax highlight). Doing so allow you to load the same scheme for any other highlighter, even custom ones. Select Settings menu > Highlighter settings > Colors, in the color scheme box enter new name or choose a prexisting name to overwrite and click the Save button. To load a color scheme, choose a prexisting name from combobox and click the Load button.