This dialog allows you to control how sorting is performed. Tip: Sort works on the entire document unless some text is selected, and then it only sorts selected text.  
Ascending / Descending  
Set sort order  
Case Sensitive  
   When checked, the sort is case sensitive.  
Remove Duplicates  
When checked, as well as sorting the file duplicate lines are deleted.  
Sort By  
Ansi Value  
Sort using character set rules.  
ASCII Value  
   Sort using character's ASCII value.  
Numeric Value  
Sort treating the characters as numbers.  
Unless using Numeric Value you may not get the sorting you expect when lines start with a number. Experiment to find the most suitable Sort By option for you needs.  
Specify Column  
Normally sorting compares the characters of the entire line. Checking this option allows you to limit the values the sort operates on.  
Column Begin / Column End  
   Sets the column positions between which the sort compares to determine the line position.