What is FTP?
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) allows you to connect to an FTP server to send and receive files over the Internet. You might, for example, use PSPad's FTP client to upload (or send or post) your HTML files to your website.

Where is the FTP client ?

The FTP client is a tab in the Project panel. (menu View / Project Tree or Ctrl+F2) After you click the Connect FTP button (top left), a list of defined connections is displayed. You can then connect, add, remove, edit, ...
After successful connection, other buttons are enabled.
You can see connection status information on LOG panel, FTP tab.

FTP client Notes

·A file, opened directly from FTP has yellow background on File Panel. All information about connection is remembered (connection name, FTP directory, ...) Just edit and hit Save.  
·After Save Function is called, file is saved back to its original location on the FTP server. If the connection isn't active at this time, PSPad will try to connect. If another connection is active, it will be disconnect.  
·If you want to save a file (which was not opened from FTP) to an active FTP directory, you have 3 choices:  
1. Select "Save to FTP" from File menu or  
2. Pull down the triangle menu next to the Save icon (a disk) or  
3. Right Click the active file tab, and select Save to FTP.  
·If no FTP connection is active, the option to Save to FTP will be grayed out.  
·Files are stored in your Windows temp folder (structure):  
They stay stored until the contents of your TEMP directory is deleted.
·Un-Warning: You are prevented from actually deleting the parent (..) directory or any non-empty directory, even though it looks like you can. It even prompts you to ask if you are sure.  

FTP client allows
·connect/disconnect to FTP server  
·a detailed Right Click context menu  
·a browsing FTP structure  
·refresh (reload) directory structure  
·quick jump into root directory  
·quick jump into remote (working) directory  
·create directory  
·delete file or empty directory  
·rename file or directory  
·keep connection open by sending specified command at intervals  
·saves your password in encrypted form  
·upload and download text files, NOT binary files, like .JPG, .ZIP or .CHM.  

FTP Context Menu

In context menu of an active FTP connection, you can...  
Open as Text  
   Creates a local copy of the file in the Windows Temp folder. This makes for fast edits and saves. You may then Right Click the file tab and "Save To FTP" if you choose. If you want to save the file, take it OUT of the Temp folder, or it may get deleted.  
Direct Edit in PSPad  
   Never saves a local copy. Any time you hit Save, it saves to the FTP host. Direct Edit is better for quick edits. It will also prevent you from forgetting to save your changes to the FTP site. When you double click a file, you get a Direct Edit.  
Other Context Menu options are self explanatory.