Working with File Tabs

You select a file tab by clicking on it with the left mouse button or by repeatedly pressing Ctrl+Tab until the required file is marked as the active one. You can change the order of the file tabs using drag 'n' drop with the left mouse button. In addition, tabs maybe activated by pressing Alt+number of tab (1-based index).

Right-clicking on a file tab will display a context menu (see File Tabs Context Menu).

The file tab marker indicate a number if things about the file. The following picture shows you the various styles of File Tab. Descriptions providing more information are below. The file tab look and use can be customized (see Program - look).

Changed File

The file has been changed and not saved. Any of the other file types will show the red mark if it has been changed.

Hidden, System or Read-only File

The file on disk is marked as hidden, system or read-only.

Hex Editor File

The file has been opened in the HEX editor (see File Menu).

Auto Refreshed File

The file has been marked to auto-refresh from disk (see File Tabs Context Menu).

Text Differences File

The results of a text differences operation (see File Tabs Context Menu).