Key mapping

PSPad allows you to redefine shortcuts. Key mappings are stored in text file KeyMap.INI, placed in same directory as PSPad.exe or user profile directory, if Multiuser environment is activated. You can edit this file manually too.  

How do I used it:  
·Double click (or Right Arrow) on the file menu or category you want to change;  
·Double click (or press Enter) the line in tree with action name you want to set the shortcuts for;  
·Press new hotkey in dialog window. Press Esc or Cancel to discard the change you just made or press OK to assign the new shortcut;  

Settings are only written after you press main OK button in settings dialog! To discard all changes made to all keys, press Cancel in Settings dialog or press 'Undo Changes'.  

If shortcut is assigned to another action, when you press OK, you get a confirmation box asking if you want to overwrite the old setting. Select 'No' cancel the change. After confirmation, the old assignment is deleted and the key stoke is assigned to the new action.  

Clear All  
Clears all shortcuts  

Undo changes  
All changes are returned back to the program's last actual state  

Deletes file Keymap.INI, so after a restart, default key mapping is restored  

Save to file  
Saves actual key mapping into file his name you choose  

Load from file  
Load key maping from file you select