Keyboard shortcuts

Here you will find a complete list of the default keyboard shortcuts. For information on how to change the default see Key mapping.



Shortcut Command Description
Shift+Ctrl+Up/Down  Whole Words Only   


Shortcut Command Description
F8  Block Selection   
Ctrl+C  Copy  Copy selected text to clipboard 
Ctrl+X  Cut  Cut selected text to clipboard 
Ctrl+V  Paste  Insert clipboard text to cursor position 
Shift+Ctrl+V  Paste Without Cursor Change   
Shift+Ctrl+Z  Redo  Redo Last Undo 
Ctrl+A  Select All  Mark all text as selected 
Shift+Ctrl+'  Select String   
Ctrl+Z  Undo  Undo last change 
Shift+Ctrl+M  SelMatchBracket   
Ctrl+'  SelString2   
Ctrl+Ins  CopyEx   
Shift+Del  CutEx   
Shift+Ins  PasteEx   


Shortcut Command Description
Ctrl+F4  Close  Close active file 
Ctrl+F9  Compile  Run external compiler to compile file 
Ctrl+Alt+F4  Exit  Exit PSPad 
Esc  Exit with ESC   
Ctrl+N  New file...  Create new file 
Ctrl+O  Open...  Open Selected File(s) 
Ctrl+D  Open Active File with New Name...   
Shift+Ctrl+O  Open in HEX Editor...   
Ctrl+P  Print  Print open file 
Alt+P  Print Preview  Print preview 
Ctrl+R  Reopen Active File  Reopen active file & Discard Changes 
Ctrl+S  Save  Save file 
Shift+Ctrl+S  Save All  Save changes of all open files 
F12  Save As...  Save open file as file 
Ctrl+Alt+S  Save Without changing File Date   
F9  Run1   
Alt+F9  Run2   
Shift+F9  Run3   


Shortcut Command Description
Ctrl+L  Show / Hide LOG window   
Ctrl+Tab  Next Window  Goto next file 
Shift+Ctrl+Tab  Previous Window  Goto previous file 
Alt+L  Jump to Editor / LOG   
Alt+1  FileTab1   
Alt+2  FileTab2   
Alt+3  FileTab3   
Alt+4  FileTab4   
Alt+5  FileTab5   
Alt+6  FileTab6   
Alt+7  FileTab7   
Alt+8  FileTab8   
Alt+9  FileTab9   


Shortcut Command Description
Ctrl+Alt+Left  Justify Left   
Ctrl+Alt+Right  Justify Right   
Ctrl+Alt+T  Capitalize  Capitalize char case 
Shift+Ctrl+A  Add/Remove Comment   
Shift+Ctrl+I  Indent Block  Indent block 
Ctrl+Alt+L  To Lower Case  Change chars to lower case 
Ctrl+K  Reformat (paragraph=blank line)  Reformat block of text with right edge settings 
Shift+Ctrl+K  Reformat (paragraph=short line)  Reformat block of text with right edge settings 
Shift+Ctrl+U  UnIndent Block  UnIndent block 
Ctrl+Alt+U  To Upper Case  Change chars to upper case 


Shortcut Command Description
Ctrl+F  Find...  Text search 
F3  Find Next  Search text for next occurrence 
Shift+F3  Find Previous  Find previous occurrence 
Shift+Ctrl+Up  Previous Occurrence of Current Word   
Shift+Ctrl+Down  Next Occurrence of Current Word   
Ctrl+G  Goto Line...  Jump to selected line 
Ctrl+E  Incremental Search  Incremental Search 
Ctrl+M  Matching Bracket  Find matching bracket (cursor before bracket) 
Ctrl+H  Replace...  Replace text with other text 


Shortcut Command Description
Shift+Ctrl+E  Code Explorer window   
F2  Show/hide Toolbar   
Ctrl+W  Word Wrap Lines  Switch on or off lines wrapping 


Shortcut Command Description
Alt+C  Color Selector window  Color Selector window 
F10  HTML Page Preview  Show HTML page in internal browser 
Shift+Ctrl+T  Select TAG   
Ctrl+F10  HTMLCheck   
Shift+Ctrl+F10  WebPrev   


Shortcut Command Description
Alt+F1  Help for Language   


Shortcut Command Description
Alt+A  ASCII Table window  Open ASCII and Symbol table 
Ctrl+J  Auto Completion   
Alt+M  Clipboard Monitor window   
Ctrl+Space  Show Clips   
Alt+I  Insert Text into Lines...   
Alt+Q  Repeat last command   
F7  Spell Check   
Ctrl+F7  Spell Settings...   
Shift+Space  ClipRun   


Shortcut Command Description
Alt+D  Insert Date Time  Insert date & time 


Shortcut Command Description
Ctrl+Alt+Space  Create Clip from Block  Create new Clip from selected text 


Shortcut Command Description
Shift+Ctrl+F5  Macro Manager   
Ctrl+F5  MakroRecord   
F5  Makro1Play   
F6  Makro2Play   
Alt+F6  Makro3Play   
Ctrl+Alt+F6  Makro4Play   


Shortcut Command Description
Alt+Right  Delete Bookmark   
Alt+Down  Next Bookmark   
Shift+Ctrl+B  Bookmark List  Bookmark list 
Alt+Up  Previous Bookmark   
Alt+Left  Set Bookmark   


Shortcut Command Description
Ctrl+F2  Tool Panel  Show / Hide tool panel 
Shift+Ctrl+Del  Remove File from Project  Remove file from project 
F2  Rename   


Shortcut Command Description
Shift+Ctrl+G  View Source