Macros Toolbar

Macros are used to record a number of file navigation and editing functions so that they can be repeated later. More information on Macros can be found in Working with PSPad / Macros. A list of the supported actions for macros can be found at Working with PSPad / Macros / Macro Commands.  
macrotoolbarrecord   Record (Ctrl+F5)  
This option toggles macro recording on and off. Note that when PSPad is recording a macro the button changes to macrostop and the cursor changes to macrocursor.  
macrotoolbarplay   Play (F5, F6, Alt+F6, Ctrl+Alt+F6)  
This option opens a menu that allows you to select either one of the up to 4 macros configured to run with a hotkey. It also allows you to open the Macro Manager.