Insert Text Into Lines

This dialog box will preform the following operations:

  • Insert text at beginning and/or end of a line.
  • Insert text at a specified cursor position.
  • Insert line numbering.
  • Insert bullets.
Bullets Before Character Number Skip whitespace on the begin At lines End At lines Begin At lines Begin

This causes text to be entered at left margin not before first character. This means there will be spaces/tabs between inserted text and first character on the line if line is indented. The item marked 1 in the image is where the text to be inserted is entered. This is a drop down list of any entries that have been made in this dialog in this session of PSPad.

At lines End

This causes text to be entered immediately after last character on the line.

Skip whitespace on the begin

This option when checked with insert begin text in front of the first non-whitespace character.

Before Character Number

This causes text to be inserted at column named in the text box. If a line is too short to have a column at the named position then text is added to end of the line. The item marked 2 in the image is an indication of the current cursor position. If the Before Character Number option is selected you can click on this figure to automatically set it as the column position in which text will be entered.


This option allows you to insert numbering at the start of every line in the file or every selected line.

The values marked 3 in the picture above show you how your numbering will look when applied.

The value entered in the box marked 4 in the picture is used as the starting value.

The value entered in the box marked 5 in the picture determines how many characters will be used for the numbering. The numbers are left-padded with zeros.

The character(s) entered in the boxed marked 6 above are used to separate the numbering characters from the text on the line.


This option inserts bullet marks at the front of each line.

Note: You should switch Word Wrap off before using any of these functions.