Compiler Settings

In some cases you need not only open document in external application, but run in external application, wait for application exit and than show some result (LOG). For this purpose is in PSPad compiler.
Compiler settings you find in menu Tools / Highlighter settings / Compiler tab settings.
You can run it from toolbar projcompile or use shortcut Ctrl+F9

What is given as param to compiler
Sorted as priority:  
·main project file  
·main file, if project doesn't exists  
·active document  

Full path and program name to compiler without double quotes  

You can set compiler params, file name, ...  
List of param variables is on bottom of this form. You can use context menu to insert param  
LOG file
In this file is usually compilation results. PSPad shows you this file in LOG window on the bottom part of editor.  

Run After Compilation
You can run compiler result (result code, or something else) after compilation.  
Save All Files Before Compilation
If checked, all modified files will be saved before compilation  

Catch Program Output Window

LOG parser:
If you set it, you are able by clicking in LOG window, open (or switch into) source file and set position to line (column) if included in LOG content.  
Variables and masks:  
*  any text  
%F filename  
%L line number  
%C column number  
[Error] uHLSett.pas(346): Undeclared identifier: 'ik'  
[Fatal Error] PSPad.dpr(58): Could not compile used unit 'uHLSett.pas'  
*] %F(%L)  
Example explanation:  
Because line begin in LOG isn't explicit, you need find common parts: ]space and on the begin put *.  
Behind is filename %F than ( and line number, so we put %L. Closing bracked isn't necessary,but look nice :-)  
Compiler settings examples
see compiler examples chapter.