Files and dirs

Save Recent Files List

Switches on / off recent files saving. If unchecked, recent files history is not remembered after the program exits.

Store for files from local drives only

In Recent file list and Save Work will be stored files from local drive only.

Remember File State

The state of all open files is in the file PSCache.BIN will be stored state of all opened files. If you open this file next time, you will found it in state you close it - cursor position, bookmarks, highlighters, read only state...

Remember Last Filter

When checked causes the system to remember the file type filter last used when opening a file.

New Default

You can set default file type for new document if no file is open. Note: If there is an active document then the type of then new document will be the same as the active document.

Always this type

New file will be always of selected type

New file format

Set default EOL value for new files.

Default CP for files opening

Set to "menu format settings" or other for CP value.

Ignore files (file masks delimited by semicolon)

Set list of file masks. Matches files will be ignored by PSPad (except File explorer).

Remember Last Directory

When checked causes the system remember the last used directory in Open dialog. Project settings has priority over this setting!

Same As Active Document

Sets the Open Dialog to the directory of the active document.

Designate Directory

Specifies default directory when using Open dialog. Project settings has priority!

Clear History

This button will clear the MRU file list.

Note: [•] is a gray check in Win9x.