Code page conversion

How does PSPad convert code pages?  
If you set a Code Page other than ANSI it means the file on disk is in this Code Page. So while reading file, PSPad provides conversion from this specific Code Page to ANSI, which is Windows native format.  
If you want save file in a different Code Page, simply change the Code Page using the menu and save file; PSPad will convert the file contents during the Save process from ANSI to specific code page.  
Most people will use ANSI (no conversion), OEM, ISO-8859-2, UTF-8 or UNICODE. Code pages have meaning for Czech and Slovak users only.  

Autodetect CP  
Don't use this function! It has meaning for Czech or Slovak users only. In other environments, it will not work.  

Take an ANSI file and save it as UNICODE  
1.   Set ANSI in menu Format.  
2.   Open file.  
3.   Change code page to UNICODE.  
4.   Save file.  
File is converted during save process to UNICODE.